Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008

2nd Discourse - Religion, Conflict and Poverty

Next Discussion will be held on: Monday the 26th, 18:30 in the IWK - Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Berggasse 17/1, 1090 Vienna

What is it all about?
Bringing together students and others who are interested in Peace- and Conflict Studies and/or the Middle East. Furthermore I hope to build up an ongoing discourse outside university within a specialized field of interest.

The topic:
Religion, Conflict and Poverty is of course a very wide field. What I would like to talk about is first: How religion can help to solve conflicts and how it can be abused for violenct means. Second: Is it more likely for religious fundamentalism to develop militant forms when people are poor and deprived of basic necessities, or is there no evident relation?

Poverty is in this sense understood as the deprivation of basic human necessities including aspects like access to education and rights and human security.

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